Fun music attraction coming to Hollywood Studios

Our family loves movie music. Especially Disney music, and the husband really loves Pixar music. One word. Up. 

Can’t listen to that score without crying. 

So, this addition to DHS will be something we will look forward to. 

This summer at Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® will present “The Music of Pixar LIVE! A Symphony of Characters.” This limited-time concert event will showcase memorable music from Pixar Animation Studios films, complete with a live orchestra and appearances by beloved Disney•Pixar characters.
Starting May 26, 2017, “The Music of Pixar LIVE!” will be presented three times nightly at Theater of the Stars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (following the regular daily performances of “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage”). The show will also feature highlights from some of Pixar’s greatest scores, from films like “Toy Story” to “Cars 3.” Guests can also expect appearances by Woody, Jessie, Mike and Sulley, the Incredibles and more.

Creativity is inspired by Our Creator

I just got back from Disneyland. The park that Walt Disney himself built. It was beautiful. A place that any true Disney nerd like me needs to see. 

One attraction my husband and I were especially excited to see was Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. What’s cool about this show is that it features the first Audio Animitronic ever created, and, Walt Disney himself directed the show. 

Given the content of this show, the verbiage used, the many references to God, and our country’s need for Him, I think Walt Disney must have been a believer. A believer in the Judeo Christian God. 

In Disney’s movies, you can easily find biblical themes. Good vs. evil. Truth over lies. Love conquers hate. Walt Disney himself started this standard, and after his passing, those in the movie studios kept up to his expectations. 

But what is interesting to me, is that after Walt died, none of the Disney studio’s writers or directors have been overtly Christian. None have been open about proclaiming Christ as their Savior. Yet we get movies like  The Lion King. You could teach Children’s Church for a month of Sundays with this movie. Remember the scene where Rafiki tells Simba his father isn’t dead, that he lives in him. Then Mufasa appears to Simba and tells him, “remember who you are, you are my son.” Somebody say Amen! 

God’s love for us is all in that scene. No matter what we have done, we are His. We are to remember that. We are to claim our rightful place as heirs to the king. 

Do you think any Disney writer intended to include the Gospel in their film? I doubt it. 

But here’s the deal. Creativity was inspired by our Creator. He’s in it. Disney seeks to do high quality work, and in doing so, they bring His message, without even meaning to. God just seeps into it. 

So when man and his sinful nature tries to get all political and add some “flair” to Beauty and the Beast, I honestly don’t think it’s going to matter. God has been in these films for years. Reaching our children, teaching them right from wrong. Finding His way into a place He wasn’t invited, but showed up anyway. 

I think our children are going to see a girl who is brave and loves her father. I think they will see a brute of a man who is arrogant and selfish. I think they will see a beast that is transformed by learning to put the needs of another ahead of himself. 

That’s what I love so much about our God. He finds so many ways to show us He loves us. He finds so many ways to communicate with us. He meets us where we are to speak to our hearts. Creativity is inspired by the Creator. Even if the artist doesn’t realize it. 

Why we aren’t boycotting Beauty and the Beast

Lots of buzz yesterday about the first gay character in a Disney movie with an interview out with Beauty and the Beast’s director. The guy was vague. So the gay community took it to mean that Lefou and Gaston would be sliding down rainbows, while the conservative community just knew the two would be eating grey stuff off each other in the West Wing. 

Quickly, lots of webpages started calling for a boycott. Shoot-ready-aim. Good grief. 

As it turns out, there is no makeout session between Gaston and LeFou. The most obviously gay thing about him is is wardrobe, he dresses with flair. The live action character tends to follow the animated version, that dotes on Gaston’s every word. At the end of the movie, all the characters are dancing, and as partners switch up, LeFou ends up with a guy, and seems pleased. That appears to the the “exclusively gay moment” the director spoke of. 

Y’all unclench. Gaston is a bully and intends to kill the beast. No sin is greater than the other. Every Disney movie has a serious sinner in it. They are just trying to push Christians to the limit. I think the story of Beast’s redemption outweighs the political statement they are trying to make with making LeFou gay. 

No need to boycott a movie that no one had seen yet, and now you know what to expect. Nothing major. Sure, I wish they didn’t try to get political with Disney movies, but whatever. 
Still your call if you don’t want to see it. But be consistent. No movies with any lying, stealing, dying, coveting, acting on said coveting or killing. 
You can’t pick the sins are willing to expose your kids to. When it comes up in front of our kids, 9 and 12, we address it. We tell them that we don’t believe that’s right. That it’s not what the Bible teaches. 

I may lose some friends posting this on my Disney blog, but it is my personal belief. I can still love you, just not love your lifestyle. Hope you can still like me too. 

See my follow up post here

Confessions of a theme park snob: I like Universal

It’s time I fessed up. Looks like that other theme park in Orlando has some stuff going on our family needs to check out. 

We started with the Mouse when our bears were tiny, but as they are getting older, a little more independent, and a bit broader interests, Universal Orlando Resort is getting my attention.  

What other theme park can you bribe, I mean encourage, your kids to read a book, lots of them, before you go on vacation? You are such a great parent. 

Make them finish all the Harry Potter books before the trip. And if they don’t, they can only ride one ride, not both of the Harry Potter attractions. That’s what I’d do. Not really. Maybe. I’d at least threaten them. If only us moms had working magic wands.

Resort suggestion
This resort. Cabana Bay. It just looks precious. Maybe it’s the retro look, and the fact that we’ve been watching A-LOT of I Love Lucy around here, but I want to pack the Mertz’s to our Ricardo’s and us take a family trip together to this resort. They had me at the lazy river. And they said there were smoothies close by. This momma lives off smoothies. 

Water park! A big one!

Next, they are finishing up a new water park. It’s set to open late May. I thought I had experienced a water park, till I went to a theme park’s version of a water park. It’s like comparing a Holiday Inn and the Ritz Carlton. Both serve the same purpose, but one really puts on a show. 

Here’s a preview of the show. Look for the water slide tube that goes through another pool. Looks amazing. 

The snozberries taste like snozberries

When you were a kid, and you watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, did you ever imagine really visiting a place like that? During the dozens of times my brother and I watched that movie, we surely did. Now at Universal Orlando Resort, you can get a taste of it. 

At the new Toothsome Chocolate Factory, guests can enjoy a  a 19th century-inspired Steampunk chocolate factory  complete with towering smoke stacks, funky gadgetry, and staff wearing unique Steampunk fashion. 

And one more dining experience your family might just love. Minions. Sunday mornings at Loews Portifino Resort, your family can enjoy a hearty breakfast before your day of adventure, and visit with a few yellow little friends too. 

Love this guy…

And now for the nicest guy on TV, Jimmy Fallon. He announced on The Tonight Show that he and his show, complete with The Roots, will be featured in a new attraction at Universal Orlando Resort. Race Through New York is set to open in April 6, 2017. 

Call me!

So, are you ready to go? Let me take care of the details. My services and help cost you nothing. Pricing is exactly the same, you just get extra, personalized help. 

Email me at or call me, 334-462-4699. 

“Remember, who you are”

Our family is loving the new live action versions of Disney movies coming out. (Except Pete’s Dragon, which the kids love but I don’t acknowledge because it wasn’t a musical. It was a new movie. Disney, you weren’t my candle on the water….)

This time, it looks like we are back on track!! Mufasa will play Mufasa! I mean, Darth Vader will play Mufasa. Technically, James Earl Jones will play the  role of the little prince’s father in the live action film of The Lion King. No release date yet, as they are just now casting. 

But, per as normal for our crew, we check out of school for serious stuff like Star Wars releases. This gets on the list. Can’t wait. 

James Earl Jones is such a talent. He voiced major characters in our childhoods, and is now getting to revisit those as our kids are growing up. 

My favorite Mufasa moment. 


Love it. Looking forward to the new movie. 

Fun Beauty and the Beast changes at Disneyland 

For a limited time, Fantasyland at Disneyland® Park will bring the beloved “Beauty and the Beast” story to life with special experiences that celebrate the classic Disney animated feature.
Red Rose Taverne – Red Rose Taverne – This dining location at the northwest edge of Fantasyland will magically transform from Village Haus Restaurant into a lively French taverne, with delicious quick-service meals perfect for all ages! Adorned with beautiful murals depicting favorite scenes from Disney’s animated feature, “Beauty and the Beast,” and draped with inviting curtains, each room of Red Rose Taverne tells a different chapter of the tale as old as time. The menu will transform as well, featuring some of your favorite tastes with a French taverne-inspired twist, as well as new signature beverages. 

Details to share on these delicious additions soon – but we expect to try the Disneyland version of the Grey Stuff. (We hear it’s delicious!)
Royal Reception – This special merchandise location adjacent to Red Rose Taverne offers keepsakes, apparel and collectibles inspired by both the animated Disney feature as well as the new, live-action film, “Beauty and the Beast,” in theaters March 17, 2017.

That Gaston – We all know Gaston loves a taverne, so Guests may find him preening around Fantasyland. 

Maurice’s Treats – The celebration continues in nearby Fantasy Faire, where each twist on the menu at Maurice’s Treats will be presented with … well … a twist!  

The Royal Theatre Presents “Beauty and the Beast” – At the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones present their take on “Beauty and the Beast” in this daily favorite.

I’m going to try to experience as many of these as possible during our trip to Disneyland in a couple weeks. Look for lots of pics to come!

We’re going to Disneyland!

I’m so excited! After so many trips to Disney World, I’m finally getting to visit the park where it all started, the one Walt Disney actually built: Disneyland. 

My husband has a work trip to California near Anaheim, and we worked it out for me to tag along. 

We are spending a night at the original Disney resort, Disneyland Hotel, and I cannot wait to sit in Mr. Toad’s motor car.