Getting ready to Eat to the Beat At Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival

Eight new acts join the lineup, including Wang Chung, BoDeans, Plain White T’s, Jeffrey Osborne, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Living Colour, Soul Asylum and Delta Rae. Here’s a look at the full schedule:

(Subject to change. Songs listed are for artist recognition only and may not be included in the concert play list) And, for all of you who don’t have the vast amount of useless knowledge in your head like me, and can still remember every band that ever played during your youth. 

Sept. 14-15 – Wang Chung NEW! “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”
Sept. 16-18 – STARSHIP featuring Mickey Thomas “We Built This City”

Sept. 19-20 – Air Supply “All Out of Love”

Sept. 21-23 – BoDeans NEW! “Closer to Free”

Sept. 24-25 – Fuel “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)”

Sept. 26-28 – Sugar Ray “Fly”

Sept. 29-30 – Los Lobos “La Bamba”

Oct. 1-2 – David Cook “Light On”

Oct. 3-4 – Wilson Phillips “Hold On”

Oct. 5-6 – Blues Traveler “Run-Around”

Oct. 7-9 – Plain White T’s NEW! “Hey There Delilah”

Oct. 10-11 – 38 Special “Hold On Loosely”

Oct. 12-13 – Jeffrey Osborne NEW! “On the Wings of Love”

Oct. 14-16 – Tiffany “I Think We’re Alone Now”

Oct. 17-19 – Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx “Lady”

Oct. 20-21 – Christopher Cross “Sailing”

Oct. 22-23 – Toad The Wet Sprocket NEW! “Walk on the Ocean”

Oct. 24-25 – Chaka Khan “I Feel for You”

Oct. 26-27 – Billy Ocean “Caribbean Queen”

Oct. 28-29 – Living Colour NEW! “Cult of Personality”

Oct. 30-Nov. 1 – Hanson “Get the Girl Back”

Nov. 2-3 – Soul Asylum NEW! “Runaway Train”

Nov. 4-6 – Delta Rae NEW! “Bottom of the River”

Nov. 7-9 – Boyz II Men “Motownphilly”

Nov. 10-11 – Sister Hazel “All For You”

Nov. 12-14 – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Go Daddy-O”

Performances are 5:30, 6:45 and 8:00 p.m. daily at America Gardens Theatre, and are included in Epcot admission. 

Build your own Disney Castle

This may just be the most fabulous of all Lego sets. At least for our family. Just released today, images for The Disney Castle, set to hit stores Sept. 1. Modeled after the icon Cinderella’s Castle that sits in the middle of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World,  this Lego set features scenes from many iconic Disney fairy tales, including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, Aladdin, Brave and more.
For a modest price of about $349, you get 4,080 pieces plus 5 mini figures. I read a comment where someone said “I’d Kragle the heck out of that!” Indeed. But how fun would this be for the whole family on Christmas morning? I can’t say I’m not thinking about it. We may get Kragle in our stockings this year. 

New venue for Night of Joy, outstanding lineup

Night of Joy is an annual event where Christian artists play the happiest place on Earth. It will be a little different this year, but still offers an opportunity to see your favorite musicians with a little Disney magic thrown in. 
This year, the concerts will be held at the ESPN World of Sports Complex. If you’ve stayed at Pop Century or Art of Animation, you know exactly where that’s located. Concerts begin Friday and Saturday night at 6:30pm. 
The lineup:
Oh my goodness Friday!!!
Friday, September 9, 2016 

Casting Crowns

Chris Tomlin

Francesca Battistelli


Matthew West


Stars Go Dim

Zealand Worship

Saturday, September 10, 2016

for King & Country

Young & Free



Thousand Foot Krutch

Tim Timmons


The price: As in year’s past, I’ll be doing a group ticket order. The price this year is $116.63 each. This is for tickets to both nights, and includes all the perks listed below. 

The perks: Like before, with your purchase of both nights concerts, you get a free water park ticket per person. The water park ticket can be used September 6-12. This year, since the concerts have changed venue, you get a free full day admission on Saturday, September 10, to any one of Disney’s four theme parks. Which one to pick? That’s the hard part. 

Do you want to go? Disney is offering FREE DINING during these dates. We could add this cool event to your Disney trip. Or make it a quick trip just to get your Disney fix. 
Email me for a quote.

Prince Harry brings his Invictus Games to Disney

I know we fought a war 240 years ago to not have to care what the Royals are up to, but I still care. I at least care about the princes. I cared enough that I think I subconsciously named my son Andrew after Prince Andrew after seeing that big A on Fergie’s train when I was like 10, and I thought that was just too romantic. Now I maintain he’s named after a disciple, because that prince, well, he turned out weird. 

But back to Prince Harry. Michievous boy. But still has his mother’s good heart. The Invictus Games which will be held at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World® Resort May 8-12, that was his idea. The Games will feature more than 500 injured military veterans and active duty personnel from 14 countries competing in 10 events.

This year marks the second Invictus Games. The first one was in London in 2014, and the next one will be in Toronto in 2017. Read more about Prince Harry’s heart for the athletes participating in an interview here

The Opening Ceremony will include musical performances by James Blunt and Laura Wright, in addition to appearances from Prince Harry and First Lady Michelle Obama, with more names still to be announced. Plus, the Games just announced its two newest celebrity ambassadors – Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars fame. Both are also expected to attend the Games.

Squeal. Shawn Johnson too? She’s just an American Olympic Gold Medalist. A sweetheart of a young lady you can let your little girls look up to. And Derek Hough. I heard he could dance. 

As if the games themselves wouldn’t be an exciting event in an of themselves. Hoping these will be on ESPN2, but if you would like to go watch them in person, let me help you plan your trip.

The strength of my heart

Two years ago my dad did the “Southeast Tour of Hospitals,” and so many of you prayed us through that rough time. My brother’s wife was pregnant then. We had ultrasound pics and pages my children colored on every hospital room he stayed in. Now, Sarah is planning a Curious George birthday party. We all have new pieces of furniture Dad has built for us in his workshop. We have a second white-haired, blue-eyed adorable little boy in the family. We are truly blessed. 

Our dad being here is a miracle, and I just want to thank each of you again and again who prayed for him. It was so many. He comes to games and recitals for the kids, and he meets people from the church or from our children’s school that were praying. It’s not lost on any of our family how you all interceded for us. 

Right after Dad came home, I found this verse in Psalms. 

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.”-Psalm 73:26

Friends, I hope that our Lord is the strength of your heart. That He is what keeps your heart beating. Both physically and spiritually. 

I want you to know the Jesus that comforted me when I was alone in a hospital, and a doctor told me my dad might not live through the week. I want you to know the Jesus that ultimately lead us to Emory where a surgeon completely changed the plan for Dad’s surgery. This surgeon saw life. Where do you think he got that vision?

The original surgery wouldn’t have given Dad the quality of life he has now. After with the valve replacement, the doctor came in to speak to us. It had gone well. Honestly, if this guy had had a football, he would have spiked it. He was stoked. He said he might need to go in in about seven years to do an adjustment, but we are good for a while. Seven years. I squeezed my brother’s leg. His pregnant wife was at home, as it was now too far for her to travel. Seven years meant tee ball. Preschool and kindergarten. It meant six weeks from then when Gavin would be born. 

Your prayers. Thank you again. We can’t thank you enough. Ever. 

Village people

 I remember my first huge mistake as teenager, it was when I was 18 and was out of high school.  Though there were plenty of times I pushed the boundaries before, this was the big one. 

I got the attention of a popular guy, and I was never a popular girl. It’s a familiar narrative that happens in movies, but John Hughes didn’t write my story. It didn’t end Pretty in Pink or with Sixteen Candles. After I realized what a jerk I was attached to, I had damaged other relationships in my life that were much more important. It took me 20 years to get those relationships back. 

That started a string of bad decisions for me. As if the first one didn’t hurt enough. I didn’t learn. I think back now and I can barely recognize myself in my own memories. 

By the time a graduated college, I had settled down some, into someone I wanted God to use. 

My point is, that I couldn’t handle the mistakes I made at 18, 19 and 20. I’m seeing children, 10 and 11 years old, on the verge of some serious trouble online. How are they going to handle it? Technology of our time makes our children vulnerable to more than we were as kids, and much earlier. 

No one ever thinks it will happen to them

Is this you? My child will never be targeted by a sexual predator. No one would ever look lustfully at my daughter online. She’s fine, she’s just doing this to get attention from her friends. 

Friends, we can’t be that naive. 

And we can’t just let it go because we haven’t monitored it in the past. Children crave boundaries. They will push as far as they can to get the attention they seek. Don’t make them do this. Give them them structure they need, then flood them with positive support. Show them what’s not okay, but then here is who you want them to be, because you  love them. They are hungry for attention. Let that come from a healthy source, their family at home, not strangers online. 

In our house we try to be like Jesus

We try to share like He would. We try to teach like He would. We try to discipline like He would, and most of all, we try to love like He would. 

It’s a filter that colors our everyday life for my husband and I, and we are trying to instill that into our children. Being like Jesus, being a Christian, is a boundary we as adults, have set for our own lives and our family. With that comes certain rules or expectations. These are welcomed boundaries, because they are set by our Heavenly Father who loves us. Not always fun. Not always comfortable. But always meant for our good.  

The “many” are our children. Their conduct shows they are enemies of the cross of Christ. Headed for destruction. But we can help them. Parents- more than monitor, scour your kids social media accounts, theirs and their friends. Who are they being influenced by, and how are they responding to that?

Some friends and I recently discussed the struggles of parenting
It’s one of the greatest privileges I’ve ever had, but it’s tough. And it takes a village. 

It’s hard to think you are the lone soul trying to revamp on your own, and figure it all out. You don’t have to. There are people who are struggling with the same stuff as your family. There are people who have experience to share. You aren’t alone. 

Ken and I are part of the launch team of Frazer Pike Road. We meet at 10 am each Sunday morning in the Pike Road School. We have a place for you. This can be a new start for your family. A place to learn together and serve together. A new place to grow. 

We will come alongside you wherever you are to help you grow in the likeness of Jesus. No judgment. Just new friends. Hopefully, new family. It takes a village to raise a child. We want you to be part of our village. 

What do you mean ‘don’t be angry?’

Chewing on verse 8. Not going down well. Often, most often, always, I am angry because I’m RIGHT and someone else is NOT. So by telling me to not lose my temper, my father in heaven is benching me for a time while I sit out and have my character molded. Possibly with my eyebrows raised and my lips poked out. 
But, losing my cool. Not good. 
Have you ever said what you wanted to say, to the person you wanted to say it to? Even with the best delivery in the world, it still comes out tasting bad. It’s because we have infringed on the Holy Spirit’s territory. We can’t handle a job that big. 

Remember when George Banks thinks the world would be better without him? Clarence let him see that he really did have A Wonderful Life

The teaching in this psalm is that we don’t have to suffer through such sad sights that sweet George Bailey did. 

Stop being angry. Turn from your rage. Don’t lose your temper. 

Trust in the Lord. Just trust. Trust Him to fight the battles that need to be fought. He always wins. Trust Him to protect you in that battle. 

What else is this psalm saying to you? How else is it applicable to your life?